King Yip Street Nullah, constructed more than 50 years ago, has been serving the Kwun Tong District. The conversion into “Tsui Ping River” will not only improve its primary function of discharging rainwater, it will also enhance multiple aspects, among which are water quality, aesthetics, ecology, amenity, accessibility, etc.


In the 2011-12 Policy Address, the Chief Executive announced the adoption of a visionary, coordinated and integrated approach to transform Kowloon East (including Kai Tak Development Area, Kwun Tong District and Kowloon Bay District) into an additional attractive CBD to sustain Hong Kong’s economic development. The latest Conceptual Master Plan version 5.0 promulgated by the Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO) in November 2016 advocates 5 main focuses, one of which is to develop Kowloon East into a Green CBD. The proposed revitalisation of Tsui Ping River will be a key feature of the Green CBD.

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