“Revitalisation of Tsui Ping River” comprises the transformation of about 1km of the existing nullah alongside King Yip Street, King Yip Lane and Tsui Ping Road into Tsui Ping River with environmental, ecological and landscaping upgrading. To cope with the objective of the revitalisation, the project will also beautify the adjacent pedestrian walkways and enhance the connectivity with the pedestrian network. The project will include the following focuses:


1. Reducing Flood Risk

We will strengthen the flood protection capability of the existing watercourse to cope with the recommendations of the East Kowloon Drainage Master Plan, and to develop medium and long term enhancement measures for the drainage system.

2. Revitalising the River

We will revitalise the river channel and enhance the water quality through various water, landscape and ecological features, to provide the community with a green riverine environment for public enjoyment.

3. Improving Walking Environment and Connectivity

By making reference to the sustainable development concept of a “walkable city”, we plan to provide additional walkways alongside the River, footbridges and landscaped decks, in order to enhance the walkability and connectivity of the River with the surroundings.

4. Fostering a Vibrant Public Space

The Project is aimed at creating a green river channel with water scenery and amenity for the community. This coupled with the adjacent Tsui Ping River Garden and the arts and cultural space beneath the Kwun Tong Bypass flyover will offer synergy and add diversity to the Kwun Tong District.

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